Christine Marton, M.Sc., M.I.St., PhD.Cand. (ABD)

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Location: Rm. 625, Claude Bissell Building, 140 St. George Street

Dissertation topic: How women seek health information on the Web

A multi-method study of women from diverse backgrounds in terms of health status, age, and ethnoracial background, using the Web, as well as traditional sources of health information, including print and television, to find health information of relevance to their personal health status, as well as the health status of those they care for.

Medical and Consumer Health Librarianship

Medical Library Association
Section Chair Public Health and Health Administration Section
Committee Chair Cool Web Things Task Force Subcommittee on Social Bookmarking
Newsletter Editor Cancer Librarians Section
Coordinator MEDLIB Listserv

Evidence Based Library and Information Practice
EBLIP is an open access, peer reviewed journal
Editorial Advisor

Consumer Health Information Providers Interest Group
Member-at-large and website creator/past webmaster, CHIPIG Website


FIS1325: Online Information Retrieval
Instructor, 2008-2009
Winter 2009
Winter 2008
Summer Term II 2008

FIS1311: Information Technology Applications
Teaching Assistant, Fall 2008,
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TA hours: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday afternoons, 4:00-5:00pm (Tuesdays, Thursdays), 5:30pm-6:30pm (Wednesdays)
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Publications: Consumer health information on the Internet

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Consumer Health Information Resources

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